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DSL Busbar Indication Lamp

Crane DSL Bus Bar Indicator Lamp

Phase Indication Lamp for DSL Busbar for Cranes and Machinery. To protect single phasing, we supply Phase Indicator System for Crane DSL Bus Bar with best quality LED Lamps and the body of the indicator is powder coated. This Indication lamp can be connected to bus bar or panel board of crane.


♠ Power supply: 3-Phase, 440VAC
♠ Power Saving Feature: Power consumptions (10Watts)
♠ Indication colour: RED, YELLOW & BLUE (Or as required)
♠ Visibility: High (12 Nos. LED used per colour)
♠ Body: 2mm CRCA with black colour powder coating.
♠ Installation: Indoor / Outdoor.
♠ Size: 555mm x 100mm x 180mm.
♠ Using Stepdown transformers for reliability and component life.