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Sprocket Driven Cable Reeling Drum

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Diameter 0-100 mm, 100-200 mm
Color Blue, Black
Max Cable Length 0-5 m, 5-10 m
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Sprocket Driven Cable Reeling Drums are suitable for avoiding tension on the cable. Unlike spring operated or motorised Cable reeling drum, a drive mechanism is required to drive the Sprocket Driven Cable reeling drum.

Sprocket Driven Cable reeling drum are recommended for single cable layer winding of cables on the drum. These drums are used in vertical operation such as Lifting Magnet.


The cable winding or unwinding is done by End Feed or Centre Feed.

In the End Feed type, the Cable reeling drum is mounted on the moving machine and the reel recovers the cable laid on the ground. Here the machine travel is equal to the capacity of the reel.

In the Centre Feed type, the machine travels on both sides of the fixed point, where a Turnover Anchor is installed. This arrangement provides travel equal to twice the capacity of the reel.

In this type also the reel is machine mounted and the biggest advantage of this type is that it does not have to pull the weight of the cable since, in this case the complete weight of the cable is felt at the fixed point.

In this type of arrangement. the cable is not laid on the ground but is suspended in the air due to the tension of the spring.

Here the reel is mounted on a fixed structure and has'' to overcome the weight of the hose. The length of travel is equivalent to the capacity of the reel.