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Lever Limit Switch Model FFH

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Material Self extinguishing, Thermoplastic housing V0 UL 94
Model FFH
Lever type Adjustable metallic lever (rod). Maximum extension: 124mm
Applications Two Way Lever Limit Switch for Hoists and EOT Cranes
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Lever Limit Switch, Model/Type FFH, Lever adjustable, Two Way, for Over Traverse / Cross travel or long travel applications of Hoists and EOT Cranes.

  • Adjustable metallic lever (rod). Maximum extension: 124mm
  • Roller diameter: 34mm
  • According to EN81-1, IEC/EN 60947-3
  • Self extinguishing thermoplastic housing V0 UL94
  • Adjustable metallic lever (rod). Maximum extension: 124mm
  • IP-65 double insulation IEC/EN 60529
  • Reinforced mechanical block
  • Rubber covering wheel
  • Ambient temperature: operating +25° +55°C (storage -30° +70° C)
  • N° 1xM20 + n°1xM16 cable glands (not included in supply).

  • According to IEC/EN 60947-3, UL508
  • Rated insulation voltage [Ui]: 690V
  • Rated thermal current [Ithe]: 25A
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Rated short circuit withstand current (gG 20A- 690V) : 5kA
  • Rated thermal current: AC-21A AC22A: 690V-20A, AC23A – 3ph : 230V-16A/5kW, 400V-16A/9kW

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