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Safety Limit Switches

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Various type of Limit switches as follows:
FA series limit switches
FT series limit switches
Safety limit switches
Safety limit switches with reset
FCT series limit switches Pre-wired
FCM series limit switches Pre-wired
Astra universal limit switches

Limit switch Model Aluminium Die-Cast Type Limit switch Model Thermoplastic Type
FA131Z11 Short Steel Plunger snap FT131Z11 Short Steel Plunger snap
FA132Z11 RollerLever Horizontal FT132Z11 RollerLever Horizontal
FA133Z11 Plunger Roller lever FT133Z11 Plunger Roller lever
FA134Z11 Steel Roller Plunger FT134Z11 Steel Roller Plunger
FA135Z11 Spring Lever FT135Z11 Spring Lever
FA136Z11 Spring Actuator FT136Z11 Spring Actuator
FA137Z11 Rod Lever FT137Z11 Rod Lever
FA138Z11 Roller Lever18mm FT138Z11 Roller Lever18mm
FA139Z11 Adjustable Roller Lever FT139Z11 Adjustable Roller Lever
FA140Z11 Adjustable Roller Lever FT140Z11 Adjustable Roller Lever
FA141Z11 Roller Lever 45mm FT141Z11 Roller Lever 45mm