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Half Geared Coupling

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Powermech offers complete range of Gear Couplings, Spindle Couplings and Torsion Shaft type gear couplings. The range includes Gear couplings with torque rating of 50kg-m up to 1000000kg-m with bore sizes from 10 mm to 900 mm.

Gear couplings as import substitute, including couplings with overall dimensions as per AGMA standard. The couplings are manufactured from tested quality material suitably hardened and tempered to achieve longer life.

These couplings have extensive applications in steel plants, cranes, conveyors, rolling mills, paper factories, rubber industry, sugar industry, thermal power houses, etc.

POWERMECH offers Allflex Half Gear Coupling in following Type / Model / Size:

Half gear coupling - A half gear coupling has a toothed hub on the driven shaft along with an internal geared sleeve and the driver shaft has a rigid hub. The rigid hub is bolted to the sleeve of the driven shaft.

Allflex Half Gear Coupling
Model / Size / Type
Maximum Pilot Bore
Gear Side Rigid Side
AHG 100 35 mm 50 mm
AHG 101 50 mm 60 mm
AHG 102 60 mm 75 mm
AHG 103 75 mm 90 mm
AHG 104 90 mm 110 mm
AHG 105 110 mm 130 mm
AHG 106 125 mm 150 mm
AHG 107 140 mm 170 mm
AHG 108 160 mm 200 mm
AHG 109 180 mm 220 mm
AHG 110 220 mm 260 mm
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