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EOT Crane Accessories

Powermech supplies various EOT Crane accessories such as DSL indiacating lamp, crane belt, polyester webbing sling, Anti crane collision, Push button pendant station, Radio remote control, etc.,

EOT Crane Anti Collision Device

Approx Rs.4,900 / Number 

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
Country of OriginMade in India
Model Name/NumberModel: ACC 03, ACC 10, ACC 102, ACC 122.
Usage/Application EOT Cranes and Overhead Cranes
Distance0-3 to 0-10 and 12 METERS
Supply Voltage:110 V AC or 220 V AC (User Selectable).
Laser Alignment tool:Provided for Alignment of sensor and reflector.
OutputPotential Free Relay Contacts
Contacts Rating:5 Amps ( max. ) at 220 V AC
Output connectionsThrough Terminal Strip
Range AdjustmentProvided ( up to 50 % approx. )
Dimensions180 mm X 145 mm X 55 mm
HousingMetal Housing
PricePrice varies depending on model.
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Reflector Size:75 x 130 mm
Weight1.5 Kgs (Approximately)

The EOT Crane Anti collision sensor system is a safety device to avoid to collision of two electric overhead travelling cranes working on the same rails. For one pair of cranes one sets of anti-collision systems are required as shown in picture. Each set consists of an Emitter/sensor module and a Reflector.

Anti collision sensor device works on the principle of retro reflective infrared waves. It consists of an emitter and sensor module and special reflector. The emitter emits the infrared waves in the direction of the reflector. The reflector reflects these infrared waves back to the sensor. The sensor senses the presence of these reflected infrared waves and activities an alarm single and stops/ reduce the speed of the cranes. Thus if the two cranes are away from each other then the reflected waves will not reach the sensor and the cranes operate normally. The sensing distance is adjustable between 0-3 to 0-10 and 0-20mtr meters.

The anti collision system is specially designed for the crane application and is suitable for continuous duty.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: Immediate

DSL Indicating Lamp

Approx. Rs.4,100  / Piece

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Body MaterialSteel Sheet
Country of OriginMade in India
ColourRed,Yellow and Blue
ApplicationEOT Crane,Over head crane busbar system
Operating Power4.5Watts / Phase
Supply Voltage4 terminal wiring with one common neutral and three phase wiring
Size555 mm x 100 mm x 180 mm
PricePrice varies depending on range and model.
Weight1.5 Kgs (Approximately)
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DSL Busbar Phase Indicator Lamp for for Cranes. To protect single phasing, we supply Phase Indicator System for Crane DSL Bus Bar with best quality LED Lamps and the body of the indicator is powder coated. This Indication lamp can be connected to bus bar or panel board of crane. Busbar 3 Phase power indication approach towards Crane Bus-bar 3 Phase power indication for the overhead cranes. It is a vibration-resistant, solid-state LED based unit which provides a long maintenance free operating life.

Features and Benefits:
• Extremely low power consumption of

• Use of Ultra – bright LED for Omni directional view from long distance.

• Clear indication of Phase energized status of supply on the adjacent bus-bar.so there is no confusion to plant personnel.

• Low cost replacement of incandescent lamps which are generally used for this application.

• Crane Bus-bar 3 Phase power indication for over head cranes. 

• Vibration and shock proof design. 

• Extremely low power consumption of

• Clear Omni directional visibility due to use of Ultra-Bright LED Lamps. 

• Option of RYB or RYG colors. 

•  Long operating hours. 

• In built Low voltage Glow Protection (LVGP) circuit to prevent false indication at leakage input voltage. 

• Solid-state reliability. 

• Very short payback period. 

• Rugged design tropicalised for Indian conditions. 

• Quick and easy installation. 

• Option of wall mounting bracket or vertical stand mounting. 

• Fully tested against humidity, temperature and vibration. 

• Extensive transient protection testing has been performed to ensure faultless operation even under  severe climatic conditions such as lighting. 

• System purpose-designed for long life in carnage environment. Minimal number of moving parts with solid-state circuitry. Hence long uninterrupted service.


Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: Immediate
  • Packaging Details: Corrugated or Wooden Box, based on quantity and transit distance.

Ferreterro Polyester Webbing Lifting Sling

Approx  Rs.700 / Number   

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
ColorViolet, Green, Yellow, Grey, Red, Brown, Blue, Orange. Color varies as per lifting capacity.
Country of OriginMade in India
Safety Factor:7:1 and 5:1
In Accordance with:EN 1492-1:2000 or ASME B 30.9
Maximum working temperature:90 Degree Centigrade.
Low Stretch Factor:Elongation 3 to 7%
Width:Available upto 600 mm.
Sleeves (Optional):Anti-abrasion sleeves and anti-cutting sleeves protection are supplied on request.
High strength to weight ratio:Weight 80% less than Equivalent Wire or Chain Slings.
Test Certificate:OEM Test Certificate issued.
No. of Ply:Double Ply, Heavy Duty.
Emailinfo@powermechengineering.com (Note: Quotation will be submitted on receipt of Email enquiry).
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Powermech supplies Heavy Duty Duplex Webbing Slings are lightweight and are less likely to scratch or damage the load being lifted. They resist mildew and bacterial growth and have excellent elongation properties.

Duplex Slings have double layers of webbing and is made with two synthetic fabric layers stitched together for extra reinforcement.

Precautions must be taken before and while using a webbing sling. Webbing sling is not to be used when Safe Working Load is not known, or the eyes or other part of the webbing sling is damaged or if the sling’s eye opens more than 20°. Alkalis or Alkali (Chemicals with a pH level higher than 7), substances of sea water, baking soda, bleaches, lye and even blood will damage a polyester webbing sling, but not affected much by acid.

Webbing slings are to be stored in a dry, cool place and not in damp conditions. And also to be kept away from out of sunlight or other ultra-violet radiations.


  • Delivery Time: One day

Audio Visual Alarm System

Approx  Rs.9,990 / Number 

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Number
Voltage220 / 250 VAC. Other voltages on request: 24V, 48V, 110VAC.
Supply Voltage TypeAC
Country of OriginMade in India
Usage/ApplicationEOT Cranes, Industrial, Factories, Workshops, Oil refineries, Ships, etc.
Audible Distance/Range200 meters (diametrically).
No. of Tones3 different tones. Volume controllable.
Type of Light:Flashing
Colour of Lens:RED / AMBER
Material of Lens:Poly Carbonate Glass.
Supply Voltage:220 / 250 V AC.
Mounting:Base Mounting & Wall Mounting.
Volume:Adjustable with Volume control switch.
Size:Height: 345mm x Length: 195mm x Width: 150mm.
Material of Housing:Sheet Metal.
Type of Painting:Powder coated.
Colour of Painting:Half white.
Emailinfo@powermechengineering.com (Note: Quotation will be submitted on receipt of Email enquiry).
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Powermech supplies Audio visual alarms having combination of Red flash light and hooter. They are used as an annunciation alarm for audible as well as visual notifications.


The LED flash light, Bulb type, provided is red in colour. The Electronic hooter has three different tones and audible for 200 meters distance diametrically.


It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Application: Audio visual alarm system is used on EOT Cranes for visiblity and alert for crane movement.


  • Delivery Time: Immediate
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