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Intorq Electromagnetic Brakes

POWERMECH offers wide range of products Industrial INTORQ Electromagnetic DC Brakes such as INTORQ BFK 458 Electromagnetic Brakes, INTORQ Spring loaded Fail-Safe Brakes, Electromagnetic Clutches, EOT Crane brake, Hoist brake, INTORQ bfk470 Spring Brakes, INTORQ BFK457 Spring Brakes, INTORQ BFK468 Multi-pole Spring Brakes, etc.

BFK 458 Intorq Electromagenetic DC Brake

Approx  RS 8,000 / Piece   

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Voltage24VDC,103VDC,180VDC, 205VDC.
Usage/Application Brake motors,Conveyors,Cranes,Storage technology,Industrial trucks,Wood working machines,etc.
Torque range1.5 up to 600Nm
Fields of applicationBrake motors,Conveyors,Cranes,Storage technology,Industrial trucks,Wood working machines
Intorq Brake BFK458 Size06,08,10,12,14,16,18,20,25
Pricevaries based on model,size and voltage.
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Country of OriginGermany

INTORQ BFK458 spring-applied brake

Torque range: 1.5 Nm up to 600 Nm

Electromagnetically released spring-applied brakes are used wherever masses in motion have to be decelerated as quickly as possible or where masses must be held in a defined position. The braking force is applied by tappet springs. Thus the braking torque generated by friction locking remains available in the deenergised status – even in the event of mains failure. The brake is released electromagnetically.

Fields of application:

INTORQ Brake applications: Automation technology, Brake motors, cranes, conveyors, Controlled drives, Gate drives, industrial trucks, stage machinery, storage technology, vehicles for the disabled escalators, warehousing, wood working machines, etc.

INTORQ Brake Model / Type BFK 458.06 E, BFK 458.08 E, BFK 458.10 E, BFK 458.12 E, BFK 458.14 E, BFK 458.16 E, BFK 458.18 E, BFK 458.20 E, BFK 458.25 E

Torque transmission:

Designed for dry running

A powerful and complete range

9 sizes

Standard voltages [V DC] 24, 96, 103, 170,180, 190, 205

Graduated torque range from 1.5 – 600 Nm

Enclosure according to IP00 … IP55, depending on the special operating conditions


Hand release for all sizes, both directions can be used for release and mounting (exception: tacho brake)

Noise-reduced designs

Various types of corrosion protection and enclosures

Microswitches used to monitor air gap and wear (size 12 and above)

Monitoring of Hand release function

Non-standard voltages and bores on request

Pulse width modulation (PWM), sizes 06 – 18 Partial discharge free brake has been developed for operation with the pulse width modulated DC bus voltage of a frequency inverter Rated coil voltage UN=103V DC

Quick and easy mounting:

Preset air gap

Special machining of the friction surfaces ensures that the rated torques are achieved after very few switching operations

No locating bearing is required on the brake



The insulation system to temperature class F (155°C) ensures that the winding has a long service life

The brakes are designed for 100% duty time (current applied to the brake)

Low maintenance

Long rotor/hub connection with low rate of wear and a tried-and-tested involute gear

Asbestos-free and solvent-free friction lining with low rate of wear

Long Life design BFK458-L

Armature plate with low backlash and reinforced torque support

Tappet springs with guide pins for protection against shearing forces

Aluminium rotor with toothed intermediate ring: friction lining and tooth system with low rates of wear.

CCV (Cold Climate Version), temperature resistant up to -40 C


CCV design configurable for all sizes in the modular system

– Use of chrome-plated friction surfaces (armature plate and flange)

– Use of temperature-resistant fixing screws is essential


The following components (available on request) are also approved for use up to -40 C.

• Rotor with sleeve (noise-reduced).

• Hand release
• Terminal box
• Microswitch
• Caps E and N
• Shaft sealing rings.

Intorq Brake Half Wave Rectifier

Approx  RS  2,500 / Piece   

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Country of OriginMade in India
Rectifier TypeHalf Wave
Weight30 grams
Model Name/NumberBEG-261-460-01 and BEG-262-460-01
Usage/ApplicationDC Brakes and DC Clutches
E-mailinfo@powermechengineering.com (Note: Quotation will be submitted on receipt of Email enquiry).
PricePrice varies based on Model, Voltage and Ampere.
Mode of Dispatch / ShipmentBy courier.
Number of Pole6 Pole.
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The 6-pole half-wave rectifiers conduce to supply INTORQ electromagnetic DC Brakes and Clutches with half-wave rectified AC voltage. Rectifiers are available in following type / model.

Type / Model

Attention:The terminals must be wired with copper conductors. The conductors may be solid or stranded and tinned in the end or stranded with cable and sleeve.

Danger: Always disconnect the equipment from the power supply when working on the rectifier.


Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: One week
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